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Charles County Health Van

Calvert County Health Van

Queen Annes County Health Van


TechOps designs Mobile Medical Outreach vehicles with end users in mind and engineers them to be used for a variety of medical applications.  Our customers have engaged their communities with our vehicles to complete COVID-19 testing, provide shots and immunizations, complete physicals for Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program and a wide variety of other non-surgical applications.  Being built on either Ford Transit or Sprinter chassis these vehicles are easy to drive and can be taken to the most densely populated areas.  This all-weather vehicle with air conditioning, heat and a generator provide all day usability without returning to the Health Clinic.  Our Mobile Medical Outreach Vehicle can easily be used by three clinicians and patients agency. 



  • Professional Wiring

  • Task and Equipment Power Points (12V/120V)



  • Scene and Ground Lighting

  • LED Interior and Task Lighting


Accessories – Interior, Exterior and Lose Equipment


Exterior Modifications

  • Awning

  • Graphics/Wrap


Interior Modifications

  • Insulated and Covered Interiors

  • Wipe Down Surfaces

  • Blackout Curtains

  • Seating - Riding positions or bench

  • Exam or Phlebotomy Chairs

  • Storage

  • Operators/Workstations

  • Technology

  • Refrigerator

  • Stadiometer




  • Connectivity: Satellite, BGAN, Cellular

  • Video System Integration

  • Computers and Monitors

  • Professional Wiring

  • Repeaters and Wireless Access Points

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This vehicle has many applications and functions that allow government agencies to bring much needed medical services to the most vulnerable of populations.  As governments start reducing the amount of brick and mortar locations that they operate, mobile solutions are going to be the norm.  This van allows for government services to be located directly on the front lines and in neighborhoods that have traditionally been neglected.  With a wide range of options and configurations, this Mobile Medical Outreach Van can be your new medical office. 

In addition to van designs, TechOps can also deliver trailer and truck-based mobile medical solutions.