TechOps designs, builds and retrofits Pickup trucks to meet your organization’s mobility needs. A Pickup is a rugged and versatile solution built for many applications and operations.  From Quick Response to Business Communication Continuity, Pickups can be converted to a mobile solution for nearly any market.  The ability to cover the rear bed and install storage that is accessible from the rear and sides gives customer’s many options for application. TechOps will design a Pickup solution that meets the needs of your operation.

vehicle specs

Brands:  GM, Ford, Ram and other makes


Cabs:  Regular, extended and crew cab


Beds:  6’ and 8’


Chassis:  Half ton, ¾ ton. 1 ton and 1 ton HD


Drive:  2 or 4 wheel drive


Engines:  Gas or diesel


Towing: up to 15,000 lbs


Electrical- Professional Wiring






Emergency Lighting and warning equipment

  • Light bars

  • Light Towers

  • Rear LED Flood Lights

  • LED Flashers

  • Command Lights

  • Scene and Ground Lighting


Accessories – Interior, exterior and lose equipment


Exterior Modifications


Interior Modifications

  • Insulated and covered interiors

  • Seating

  • Storage

  • Operators/Workstations

  • Technology




  • Connectivity: Satellite, BGAN, Cellular

  • Radios and Interoperability Solutions

  • Video System Integration

  • Tactical Communications

  • Computers and Monitors

  • Professional Wiring

  • Repeaters and Wireless Access Points

Chesapeake MCV


Covert Surveillance


SWAT and Deployment


K9 Units for single or multiple K9s


ESU, Emergency Services Unit


Bomb Response and EOD


Crime Scene and Fire investigation


DUI and Roadside Inspection


Underwater rescue or recovery


First Responder Vehicles


Battalion Chief Vehicles


Utility/Fuel Vehicle


Specialty EMS Transport


Command and communications


Custom Applications Available