TechOps provides models with trim levels appropriate to a work van up to a "limo quality" standard. Low-top vans are suited for smaller missions where clearance can be a problem. Conversely, high-Top vans offer stand-up headroom with plenty of space for various applications including mobile offices, laboratories, communications and command. Minivans and Crossovers are a platform best suited to test vehicles, surveillance and other light duty purposes that require covertness.

vehicle specs

Brands:  GM Savanna, Ford Transit, Dodge Pro-Master, Mercedes Sprinter, & Nissan NV200


Style:  Front cab with side and rear loading doors


Cargo area:  10’ to 15’ and 5’ to over 6’ interior headroom in a walk-in unit


Weight class:  Half ton, ¾ ton. 1 ton and up


Drive:  2 or 4 wheel drive which could be factory or approved aftermarket


Engines:  Gas or diesel on most models


Towing:  2,000 to 10,000 lbs and up


Electrical- Professional Wiring






Emergency Lighting and warning equipment 

  • Light bars

  • Light Towers

  • Rear LED Flood s Lights

  • LED Flashers

  • Command Light s

  • Scene and Ground Lighting



  • Connectivity: Satellite, BGAN, Cellular

  • Radios and Interoperability Solutions

  • Video System Integration

  • Tactical Communications

  • Computers and Monitors

  • Professional Wiring

  • Repeaters and Wireless Access Points


Accessories – Interior, exterior and lose equipment


Exterior Modifications


Interior Modifications

  • Insulated and covered interiors

  • Seating

  • Storage

  • Operators/Workstations

  • Technolog



Chesapeake MCV


Covert Surveillance Vehicles


SWAT and Deployment


Mobile Laboratories


K9 Units for single or multiple K9s


Prisoner Transport Vehicles


ESU, Emergency Services Units


Bomb Response and EOD


Mobile Office


Commercial Applications including Sampling,


Scanning and detection


Luxury Vehicles