When budget will not allow for a custom fabricated solution, commercial utility body on a two or four wheel drive chassis is a good alternative. Commercial utility bodies are available in steel, aluminum and fiberglass with designs allowing access to equipment in exterior compartments or an interior cargo area.  A Utility vehicle can be mounted on any pickup style, from 2-door to crew cab. Cab Utilities can be single or dual rear wheels to meet weight and stability requirements, and large enough to accommodate equipment, cargo and custom interior needs.  Generators, lighting, interior benches, command and communications areas and equipment storage are available. TechOps designs Utility vehicles to fit any customer’s specifications and mission.

vehicle specs

Brands:  GM, Ford, Ram, Mercedes Sprinter and heavy duty truck chassis.


Style:  Front van or pickup style cab with unlimited custom body options


Cargo area:  10’ to 15’ and 5’ to over 6’ interior headroom in a walk-in unit


Weight class:  Half ton, ¾ ton. 1 ton and up


Drive:  2 or 4 wheel drive which could be factory or approved aftermarket


Engines:  Gas or diesel on most models


Towing:  5,000 to 10,000 lbs and up


Electrical- Professional Wiring






Emergency Lighting and warning equipment


Accessories – Interior, exterior and lose equipment


Exterior Modifications


Interior Modifications




  • Connectivity: Satellite, BGAN, Cellular

  • Radios and Interoperability Solutions

  • Video System Integration

  • Tactical Communications

  • Computers and Monitors

  • Professional Wiring


Repeaters and Wireless Access Points

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First Responder Vehicles


CBRNE Response


ESU, Emergency Services Unit


Bomb Response and EOD


Hazmat and Decontamination


SWAT and deployment


Command and communications